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got bandwidthAs I talk to many biopharma/medical device training directors, a common theme emerges over and over again.

Everyone’s out of bandwidth.

Headcount reductions in the training department have been a regular feature for the past few years in most companies. But somehow, the number of regular tasks and new initiatives doesn’t seem to go down. Only up.

I hear a lot of stressed voices.

Since I work a lot with vendor recommendations, outsourcing comes up frequently – but how do you outsource major training functions? We’re used to outsourcing the development (and/or delivery) of some specific training programs – but will we need to go further because of the chronic need for more bandwidth?

What do you think?

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I’m at a conference on Physician Relationship Management (MDRx). As usual, we’re talking e-marketing, social media, and fear. If  you know pharma, you know that anything new is embraced with enthusiastic expressions of…terror.

Often, the starting points for these discussions are the following:

    1. How are we going to do this and keep clean on the regulatory front?
    2. What’s the quickly-demonstrable ROI?
    3. Risk. Risk. Risk.
    4. Who else is doing it?

So, of course, these starting points doom the participants – who often are in short-term marketing rotations – to think about “safety in tactics,” rather than strategic opportunities.

Careful – you might shoot your eye out.

There are structural reasons in this industry for this mentality. However, if we’re going to make any progress, I’d like to suggest that anyone thinking about Networked Communications strategies in pharma START with only two perspectives:

    1. What are the needs of our audience(s)?
    2. How can we add value?

That’s it. Begin the initial discussions there and leave all the other stuff for the last 5 minutes, or you’ll never approach it with an opportunity mindset. Now I know that all these other concerns have to be addressed, but that’s like choosing your outfit only after putting on handcuffs and chains.

That’s my e-Vent at this event. Your thoughts?


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How’s Your Network?

Verizon made a great advertising move by differentiating itself from other wireless competitors by pointing to its superior network.

Cell phone service is pretty much a commodity – until you can’t get a connection.

impactmedWhen it’s 911 time in your career (and even well before), you don’t want to be without a network. That’s why we’ve launched a LinkedIn Group called Impact.

This group is just for Life Sciences Sales/Sales Training/Marketing professionals inside pharma, biotech, and medical device companies. No vendors, no recruiters, no outsiders (please see *below). The purpose is to help pharma professionals, in these times of instability and downsizing, to network with peers who can help make connections. You can make contacts, ask questions, and expand your professional base in a safe and secure environment.

Let’s face facts – there is no job security, even in large companies. Your best career-enhancing move is to build a great network that will open doors of opportunity.

linkedinJoin up!

Joining the Impact Group is simple. If you’re on LinkedIn already, just click here and sign up for the group. If you don’t yet have a professional presence on LinkedIn, you can easily sign up and start (see my profile for an example of how to create one). And if you’re a pharma professional, please feel free to send a connection request to me in order to help build your network.

* P.S. For vendor/providers, contractors, freelancers, and consultants, there is a separate group (ProActiv) for making professional connections. This group is designed to help vendor/supplier companies and potential employees/resources find each other.

(This non-commercial networking service is set up and sponsored by Impactiviti, a unique business “matchmaking” service. We help pharma clients identify and partner with optimal vendors for training/marketing/communications outsourcing needs. Our free consulting service is explained here.)

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Are you looking for:

    eLearning development (courses, simulations, etc.)?
    LMS/portal solutions?
    On-line assessment solutions?
    Other technology training solutions?

Contact us here at Impactiviti. We’re pretty tech-savvy and we have a lot of contacts in the training technology field. We’ll save you a lot of time and trouble by walking through your needs with you and identifying the best suppliers.

(Of course, we provide recommendations on FAR more than technology – live workshops, selling skills, curriculum design, leadership development, event training – our network of providers is broad and deep!)

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My consulting business has a focus on optimal vendor selection. Why?

Dilbert says it all. Click the link for a chuckle!

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