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Replacing Live Meetings

As I spend time with a wide range of folks in the pharma space (sales, training, marketing), certain themes emerge across the board. One of those that comes up regularly these days is the effort to find replacements for live meetings.

This includes regular meetings during the year (POAs); exceptional meetings (launch); and face-to-face training events (including initial sales training).

We’re a long way into the era of none-too-glamorous e-learning apps, and basic webcasts are a commodity and a yawner. But now we’re moving into a time when internet access is increasingly everywhere, wireless, and fast; when laptops and iPads are video-equipped; when mobile devices break down barriers to access.

Many of my clients are exploring new-generation virtual learning strategies, such as two-way video virtual classrooms and the like. We’re also going to need to move into some interesting digital design work – technology that serves up our content in more dynamic and user-friendly fashion.

What is your company trying out, or looking into? Let’s talk about emerging approaches and new best practices – I’m happy to sit down with you and dialogue about what I’m seeing in the industry at large, and how your strategic plans may unfold in the future.

You can easily reach me via e-mail (stevew at impactiviti dot com) or phone (973-947-7429). Or video Skype if you prefer (I sure do – my handle there is stevewoodruff).

And, here are a few freshly-posted job openings (training) for you to consider:

National Sales Trainer, Daiichi Sankyo, NJ

Director/Sr. Director of Training, Aveo, Boston

Director, Knowledge Mgmt and Training, Amerisource Bergen, Chicagoland

Senior Manager, Commercial Training, Seattle Genetics, WA


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