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Training Needs Analysis

One of the services offered by my Impactiviti Premier Partners is Training Needs Analysis consulting.

The major value of an outside consultant engagement is gaining an objective perspective – especially from someone who has in-depth knowledge of the field, and a wide exposure to how best practics are implemented across the industry.

Here’s an example of how one of my partners helped out a client recently:

Case Study_Training Needs Analysis

Need some assistance with needs/curriculum analysis? Contact me (stevew@impactiviti.com) and I’ll make a targeted partner recommendation for you!

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Kickoff1Many training initiatives among my life sciences clients go off the rails at some point. Most of those failures can be traced to one missing piece – a charter kickoff document that covers all the bases.

I do cover this ground in my Project/Vendor Success workshops (more information about that program here), but I thought that it might be helpful to produce a single document that my clients could use for any new (or current) training managers who need to manage training initiatives.

So I asked a bunch of you for input on the main questions you seek to answer as any project kicks off, and got quite a response last week. Four pages worth of crowd-sourced feedback, in fact – with an encouraging amount of overlap.

Pulling together all the suggestions, I identified five main “buckets” of issues that need to be mapped out in order to kick off any initiative successfully:

  1. Purpose of the initiative
  2. Anticipated Results of the initiative
  3. Audience/Situational Context
  4. Scope of the initiative
  5. Stakeholders and Resources

And here’s the document that resulted – a simple, 2-page walk-through outline that you can use for your own department:

Training Initiative Outline <—-download

This document/template is meant to be edited by you for your purposes – you can make it shorter, or more detailed; you can include other steps – whatever you want. It’s not mine; it belongs to all of us (also, please feel free to pretty it up with graphical modifications!)

I hope that you find this tool helpful. And, if you’ve got other suggestions for crowd-sourced resources, just let me know!!

And, as always, feel free to contact us [asksteve@impactiviti.com] with any training needs you have – we’ll recommend the optimal outsource vendor/partners for you!

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Recent months have led to an ongoing string of disruptions in our field of Commercial Pharma, with lots of good people having to seek new career direction.

We do lots of job networking behind the scenes here at Impactiviti, but there is also a service I provide directly to individuals, called Career Clarity Therapy.

It’s a half-day intensive session where we dig into your professional DNA and strengths, and map out fresh direction and new opportunities.

I have done full-day Clarity Therapy sessions for many companies over the years, helping organizations figure out their brand and their marketplace “fit” – but, in reality, the process is much the same for individuals, and I’ve worked with over 35 professionals providing clarity consulting and coaching during career transitions (everyone from Brand VPs to Training Directors; from Consultants to Sales people to Solopreneurs).

Perhaps you (or someone you know) need an outside voice to help you during your transition. This .pdf overview will tell you everything you need to know. Contact me and let’s set up your session today (note: currently for professionals in the United States only).

–> Career Clarity Therapy

“You can’t read the label of the jar you’re in!”

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