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jnj-logo.gifThis is the third in a series on home page design for pharma companies. Today – J&J. A company with many admirable qualities. Though, the home page is not necessarily one of them!

The Johnson & Johnson home page simply has too much going on. The immediate visceral reaction is one of being overwhelmed – there are so many features and sections that the effect is not to draw in, but repel.

Furthermore, there is a poor use of space, as a large open white field is left unused to the right (not shown in the graphic below), which is assuming smaller monitor sizes than perhaps the vast majority of the population now uses. Therefore, the site feels even more “cramped” than it should due to a compressed layout.


This is what I’d call a “working” interface – that is, you’re going to have to be working to find what it is you want! Now J&J is a big, multi-faceted company, with a bunch of operating companies, and that makes the challenge of an intuitive interface even tougher. But a jumble is not the answer.

What would I do differently? The one thing that ties of all J&J together is its (rightly renowned) Credo, and I’d make that the dominant feature in the site, since that is a key J&J corporate differentiator. Right now, it’s referenced in a section to the left – I’d make it front-and-center, and have different sections of it show up on a rotating basis. Then, as a key “storytelling” part of the site, I’d feature different ways – both internally (with employees) and externally (with clients) – that the Credo has had its impact.

Because there are so many audiences, operating companies, and products, I think I’d want to create a sophisticated navigation widget that starts with the question, What are you looking for? Then, based on some main choices and sub-choices (to pinpoint who the user is, what therapeutic area or product they want to know about, etc.) the user would be directed to one or more relevant destinations.

I’d also break up the main page into “main theme” centers – Investor Center, Career Center, Company Center, Product Center, News Center, Community Center – and more logically range many of the choices now scattered all over the home page into sub-pages for each center.

There are many good information streams here. The big gap is confusing arrangement. With some creative information design, this site could be a whole lot more appealing.

Prior reviews:



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Get ’em while they’re hot! – free articles from sales training practitioners, from the fine folks at PharmaVoice:

Accounting for the impact of Managed Markets on Sales Training

Employee Engagement, Learning, and the Gaming Generation

Middle Management: Why Investing in District Sales Management Training Is Crucial

And, this one costs a few bucks, but I believe you can pick up a free edition of the magazine at the upcoming SPBT conference:

A New Era of Training

You can also access articles online from Pharmaceutical Representative magazine, and it looks like there are some very helpful ones in the May edition.

While we’re at it, you may want to occasionally take a browse over at Pharmaceutical Executive online.

Finally, the best one-stop place to get an updated calendar of all pharma-related conferences/events (also from PharmaVoice)


Ohhh…one last thing. For my NJ area readers, two upcoming ASTD chapter events you may want to register for:

– June 7 (8 am; Raritan): Sales Training SIG – Developing the Talent Pipeline in Sales

– June 14 (6 pm; Princeton): Chapter meeting – Top 5 Lessons Learned in Leveraging Technology-Enabled Learning Presented by Kee Meng Yeo (who headed up J&J’s eUniversity)

Details and registration for these meetings at the Mid-NJ chapter site.

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Go ahead, forward one of these pictures to your IT support people and ask if they can maybe help you with your keyboard. No, it’s not April First, but you can still have some fun…!

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Powerpoint Abuse Exposed

Pretty funny – how not to use Powerpoint in your presentations.

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Press release on Impactiviti’s PharmaCentral portal.

Glaxo’s Avandia “problem” is all over the news this week. It’s still to be determined how much is smoke, and how much is fire. This Business Week article at least tries to provide some counter-balance to the hype. One thing is for sure – the tort lawyers are firing up the engines and loving this new opportunity for ambulance-chasing.

The battering being taken by anemia drugs is definitely impacting Roche’s potential new entry, Mircera.

In the ongoing saga over at Pfizer, two high-level departures announced this week. There may or may not be a connection to recent revelations over at Peter Rost’s Question Authority blog.

AstraZeneca and the pursuit of large molecules.

Wyeth gets approval for Lybrel, a new contraceptive for putting the menstrual cycle on hold.

Possible problems with Novartis’ innovative treatment for iron overload (Exjade).

UCB – encouraging data for new treatment for Crohn’s disease.

A PhRMA spin on rep-doctor influence, published by the Boston Globe.

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Recently, I was asked by a client for recommendations on training some folks in Marketing – particularly, there was a need for better facilitation skills dealing with doctors/thought leaders. I was able to match this need up with a partner who is a perfect fit for this “niche” requirement.

Which made me wonder – how many other Training departments get this request? Have you been asked by Marketing people to provide training (or find an outside supplier) for compliance, change management, facilitation skills, or other needs particular to the Marketing dept.? Let me know in the comments or via e-mail (stevew (at) impactiviti.com) if this is something that has come up in your company.

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Some Late May Training Links

Skillsoft completes its acquisition of NetG – 2 big players in the training/eLearning space combine.

From SPBT Focus magazine – an article I co-authored with Manny Santiago on Launch Training is now available on-line.

CLO (Chief Learning Officer) magazine has a 2007 report available on the state of the learning business. The Executive Summary download is free.

eLearning 2.0 – what about all that new web/collaborative technology? How will it impact training? Article from UK vendor Kineo.

From prolific training technology blogger Tony Karrer – what about the term eLearning – is it worth keeping? And, a series of his posts on eLearning tools.

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