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What are you delivering (via LMS)?

I had T&D Director inquire recently about what kinds of sales force training are most commonly being delivered via the corporate LMS in the commercial pharma industry.

I gave him a quick list, then asked for input from a bunch of my contacts in the Impactiviti “Inner Circle.” So here is our curated list:

1. Plain .pdfs
2. Interactive .pdfs
3. Slideshows
4. Narrated slideshows, perhaps with light video (like Brainshark) (webinars fit here also).
5. Straight videos
6. Low-end eLearning created with authoring tools (scroll-through with narration, minimal interaction, maybe light video, some assessment questions)
7. High-end eLearning created with authoring tools (lots of interaction, some animation, some video, some avatars, certification-level assessment questions)
8. Virtual classroom sessions
9. Low-end simulations (simple branching, inexpensive multimedia)
10. High-end simulations (sophisticated branching, extensive multimedia; more immersive)
:: (just emerging: augmented and artificial reality)

In recent years up to the present, I see most of the activity still happening between #2 – #7 above.

One of the more interesting trends which I see (and heartily approve of!) is delivering more training and other sales force content through unified-interface interactive apps like Scrimmage* (available via mobile devices), and letting the LMS system be the back-end “black box” for storing training records behind the scenes.

What has been your experience? Any other LMS-delivered/tracked learning modalities that you’re using?

*contact me (AskSteve@impactiviti.com) about Scrimmage if you’re not familiar with it. Great platform.

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