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I had the pleasure, this week, of attending the Digital Pharma conference (sponsored by eXL Pharma) in Princeton, NJ. I’ve been to a number of conferences over the past years that did not meet expectations. This one, however, EXCEEDED my expectations.

This conference was about the use of new media (esp. Web 2.0/Social Media) in pharma marketing, a topic near and dear to me.

The speakers, on balance, were solid and knowledgeable. As usual, in a setting like this, there were some who were just spewing platitudes and generalities, but some were quite engaging and well-informed.

I “live-blogged” the conference (first time I’ve done this) and the experiment was a great success – not the the least reason being that it forced me to stay engaged as I uploaded the messages in real-time to the Impactiviti blog. If you’d like a summary of the sessions, you can start with this link to the first one, and then scroll “up” to the various others.

I also was invited to speak on a panel, and showed the attendees how tools such as live-blogging and Twitter were being used (by me and handful of others attending) to interact and share with the “outside world” during the conference.

Some interesting statistics and resources were shared. Here is a list of related links that you might find interesting:

Internet Surpasses Doctors as the Top Source of Health Information (from Manhattan Research).

AstraZeneca digs into the Cause of Non-Adherence

Why Pharma fears Social Networking

Web portals open up pipelines of Information to Consumers

Marc Monseau (of J&J’s corporate blog JNJ BTW) on Healthcare Companies and the Social Web.

More resources–

FREE upcoming webinar: E-Detailing in a Web 2.0 world. Info here.

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Live blogging the eXL Digital Pharma conference, from Princeton, NJ. This second day will focus on the Regulatory environment.

Mark Gaydos, Senior Director US Regulatory Affairs Marketed Products, Sanofi-Aventis: Mobilizing your Company for more complete Web 2.0

– Establish a Dedicated Team – need to have representation from all stakeholders (Commercial/Mkting, PR, Reg, Legal, etc.). It’s good for Reg key players to look ahead, and anticipate, and have strategies in place.

– Non-marketers need to think like Marketers – Just Don’t Say “No”! Imagine possibilities. Partner, not oppose.

– Identify Initiatives to be Pursued – advertise on soc med website. Host moderated community. Host moderated KOL blog. Conversation monitoring. Start small and develop a roadmap for moving forward. btw, FDA’s not waiting; they’re using soc med (have own YouTube channel).

– Gain Sr. Mgmt. Approval – know your risks, and have credible/defensible interpretations and policies in place.

– Move forward in Stages “try it on,” learn, evolve, adjust.

– Progress…with Caution

Example of FDA warning letter to Shire for Ty Pennington on YouTube video – but soc med not the problem, it was bread and butter violations of fair balance, etc.

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This will be a stream-of-bullet-points (with some related commentary) on this conference on the use of digital technologies in pharma marketing. Session #3-

Louis Sanquini, Director, Allergy Francise, Meda Pharmaceuticals. Making on-line programming “more clear”

(Ahhh…some passion in this speaker. Yay!)

– Are our budgets aligned with the new reality of on-line consumer behavior? Not even close. Way more for TV and print.

– eMarketers may not have a seat at the table. How to get larger marketing budgets? Display confidence rather than hope. 5 steps to establish confidence

1. Establish the “big bat” – 132 million on-line for health, 82 million for product-specific info. High-percentage year-over-year growth. Establish success with Search. Huge usage by consumers. SEO. Medical directories. Organic and paid search.

:: Educate the brand team. (Yes, but – there is so much turnover in these positions, and I think a great on-line strategy requires long-term, immersed dedication. A problem in pharma brand marketing.)

2. Remove the fog – getting to the “money pages” on the site – the ones that lead to conversion.

:: Integrate in non-search advertising. Awareness on say, Yahoo home page. High favorability data for those who have been exposed to awareness. Also adherence significantly higher than control. Interesting ROI calculation data – (but is it based on tangible, repeatable, transferrable campaigns?)

3. Apply what has been learned – re-targeting the most valuable consumers. Behavioral targeting.

900,000 YouTube visits for Astelin (allergy) video in 5 months.

4. Be the Blender – use lots of stuff. Bid-based program (Google Radio/Newspaper/TV) – paying only for impressions realized. Compare reach and CPM with traditional media!

“Integrated Elevator Story” – the numbers from all the channels, in one report or dashboard. Marketing nirvana!

5. Know where to go. What are the potential channels?

:: Great stuff. Gotta be able to show tangible impact.

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If you’re interested in where new marketing/new media technology is going within pharma, then you need to look at the eXL 2nd Annual Digital Pharma conference, coming up Oct. 14-16 in Princeton, NJ.

I’ll be there. I plan to do some event blogging during and after the conference. UPDATE: I’ll also be speaking on a panel late Wednesday afternoon, on the use of social media in pharma!

Lots of great topics and speakers on tap, including the use of social media, patient-pharma web 2.0 approaches, interactive digital marketing tools, regulatory and legal concerns, and much more.

Here’s where you get all the info, and sign up.

I hope to see you there!

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