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This will probably be the last Top Three post for about a week or so, as I head out to Chicago for the SPBT (Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers) conference. And there’s a bit of backlog today, so here goes – more than three!

Acorda shares jump after its experimental MS pill gets a priority review notice from FDA. Oral MS treatments are going to be big news over the next year…

Vanda gets approval for its schizophrenia drug. And, as is typical of atypicals, a black box warning.

Roche‘s Avastin cleared for brain cancer.

Solvay receives FDA approval for pancreas drug Creon.

Drug-coated stents – safety verified, and better at keeping arteries open.

Plavix and Purple don’t mix?

An interesting discussion of marketing tactics (pay-for-non-performance) in Europe over osteo drugs, and the upcoming Novartis/Amgen tussle in that area.

Credibility on the commercial side of pharma marketing (Vioxx): Not. Not.


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Novartis to cut a bunch more (sales) jobs; does another management shuffle – As reorganizations go, this one reaches most parts of the company. First, the drugmaker is cutting 550 sales reps, although half of the jobs are said to vacant, as part of a new business model with five new regional units for reaching doctors and insurers called “Customer Centric Initiative” (back story). The move should save $80 million annually as of 2010…more

But, at least Novartis is making some profitIn good times and in bad times, people will get sick. That reality has helped Swiss drug maker Novartis post strong earnings for the third quarter on Monday, in spite of the banking crisis and global economic slowdown. Yet even as the pharmaceutical sector sticks to the pattern of being insulated from greater financial troubles, growth at Novartis will not be as robust as last year…more

Is specialty pharma the place to be? – Here are some interesting numbers to chew on…

B-I has some interesting stuff in the pipeline – Boehringer Ingelheim announced that patients and physicians may have several innovative Type 2 Diabetes treatment alternatives available in the coming years. At its Second International Research & Development Press Conference, Boehringer Ingelheim unveiled a pipeline of unique oral anti-diabetic compounds in phase II and III, establishing the company in the Type 2 Diabetes arena…more

Genentech sales soaring – It seems Genentech made the right choice in turning down a takeover bid from its majority holder, the Swiss pharmaceuticals company Roche Holding: its sales are soaring and investors apparently don’t mind that its latest earnings missed Wall Street’s estimates, possibly because of costs associated with defending itself against the bid…more

New study: Vioxx does cause heart risks – An analysis of an infamous Vioxx study found the notorious painkiller does, indeed, double the risk of heart attacks and strokes, although the likelihood of a serious cardiovascular event lessened one year after people no longer took the pill…more

Pfizer’s desperate times/desparate measures – As the big drugmaker grapples with its big slowdown, the board and top management are exploring a number of interesting ways to jumpstart business, according to sources. The moves may involve laying off still more employees – a large number of reps, for instance; plans to sell off some of the R&D units that are being eliminated and possibly purchasing a brand-name biotech, our sources tell us…more

Effient: wait ’til Feb – Members of the FDA’s Cardiovascular and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee have been contacted about their availability for a February panel meeting specifically on prasugrel, sources tell The Pink Sheet. And the agency’s Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee may also be convened…more

Fred Baron to receive Tysabri after all (this human/medical interest story is a bit involved, but brings up important issues about experimental/compassionate use).

High-dose Zevalin with stem-cell infusion leads to strong survival results for NHL.

Abbott’s experimental bioabsorable stent looking very interesting – Abbott today announced two-year data from 30 patients in its ABSORB clinical trial, demonstrating that its bioabsorbable drug eluting stent successfully treated coronary artery disease and was absorbed into the walls of treated arteries within two years, leaving behind blood vessels that appeared to move and function similar to unstented arteries…more

FDA becomes FDelAy – Takeda drug, others stalled at agency. Who needs those stinkin’ deadlines?? But, next-generation Astelin (from Meda) does get an approval.

Wisconsin Medical Society bans pharma gifts – The doctors’ group, which boasts 12,000 members, has joined a growing number of academic medical centers, professional societies and legislators that have decided gifts from the pharmaceutical industry are questionable, if not unacceptable forms of influence…more

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A huge week for news, especially on the cardiovascular front:

Prasugrel, the Lilly/Daiichi-Sankyo blood thinner, was the biggest headline grabber. This potential blockbuster came in with mixed results – good efficacy, but troubling side effects with some patients. Meanwhile, a bit further back in the pipeline, Schering-Plough‘s experimental anti-clotting med continues to look very promising.

Speaking of Schering and blood clots, it appears that smaller doses of Integrilin are just as effective as the more traditional (higher) dosing.

AstraZeneca‘s Crestor gets a new indication, for treatment of artery-clogging. However, it did not show efficacy for heart failure patients.

Bayer launches a huge study for its promising blood clot drug rivaroxaban.

Why did Pfizer‘s torcetrapib fail? Some reasons may be surfacing.

Surprise – diarrhea drug effective for Hepatitis C?? Surprise, surprise – sleep drug awakens comatose patients.

Novartis Tasigna moving forward. Galvus moving backward.

Court case: Red Cross 1, J&J 0. But this ain’t over yet…

Cephalon: Loss posted, and Corporate Integrity Agreement signed.

BMS‘s oncology drug Sprycel – new labeling for CML.

J&J/Schering-Plough experimental arthritis drug meets goals in study.

JUST IN: Merck to pay huge amount to settle bulk of Vioxx claims?

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