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Along with many others, I’m of the opinion that the iPhone will prove to be a very powerful tool for health delivery. It’s a welcome sight to see pharma companies begin to experiment with it, and Novartis Vaccines has just released a nifty cool called VaxTrak (iTunes link), to help parents keep track of their kids’ vaccinations.

Have all your vaccination records stuffed away in various places? Can’t keep track of what’s coming next? This may solve the problem.

Here’s the description from the iTunes store:

I’ve downloaded it and begun to play with it. First blush – VaxTrak is nice and simple.  The interface is completely intuitive, and the app works exactly as it should. You enter in the basic info for each family member, and the Planner then generates all the dates for vaccinations (that should have happened in the past, and pending). You can mark all the ones that have occurred, or “opt out.”

The Spot Shots is really cool – basically, it uses geolocation to show you the nearby stores/pharmacies where meds are available.

Now, you can have all those records (and future dates) handy in one spot. And, it’s free. Awesome.

It should be noted that the schedules and geolocation, etc. are currently only for the United States market. Hopefully an updated version will include country-specific info for other areas of the globe.

What I REALLY like about VaxTrak is that this same concept can be adapted for so many other medical “scheduling” needs. This will serve as a great template for a host of similar applications. Simple. Focused. Intuitive.

Kudos to Novartis Vaccines for rolling this out. Very nicely done.


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