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Merck losing Temodar patent battle with Teva – A federal court judge ruled Tuesday that a patent for Merck & Co. Inc.‘s Temodar is unenforceable, allowing Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. to sell a generic version of the chemotherapy drug. Israel-based Teva, the world’s largest generic drug maker, is seeking FDA approval to sell a generic version of six doses of the treatment approved for adult patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme and for refractory anaplastic astrocytoma, two forms of brain cancermore

Competition among diabetes franchises. Will competitors make hay over the black box cancer warning on Novo‘s Victoza?

Hey, clinical investigator – no pre-approval promotion (says FDA). What do you think? I agree with the judgment – who’s going to make the call about someone’s “sincerity”?


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If you ever need the stats – Internet 2009 by the numbers. Useful data for presentations.


Steve Jobs abandons the idea of tablet, instead to announce new iPants product (spoof)


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