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It’s been a VERY busy month for recommendations! For me, it is incredibly gratifying helping clients find optimal vendor partners, and it is also gratifying intoducing great suppliers to new business opportunties with clients I enjoy.

Of late, a lot of the focus has been on eLearning – both custom eLearning courseware development, and technology solutions (LMS, Assessments, webcasting). With the help of client users (the Impactiviti recommendation network goes both ways!), I’m identifying best-in-class suppliers.

We’ve also provided recommendations in recent weeks for managed care workshops, selling skills programs, and facilitation/presentation solutions.

This week, we received another heartening testimonial: “When I have one of those rare, EXTREMELY positive experiences, I like to spread the wealth. Steve has been a valuable resource to me on many levels.  He is incredibly well connected and informed  in pharma, pharma training and training in general.  It is this connectivity that allows him to provide the unique service of listening to a client’s need and being able to match the best vendor to meet that need – at no cost to the client.  While his primary focus is in pharma training, Steve’s network is so broad that I have spoken with him about utilizing his partnering services for more general needs that I have here …” (from the Testimonial page)

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