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What seemed, at first, to be a terrific marketing idea ended in disaster this week, when, in the dead of night, a life-sized Hexubera “bong” was installed to replace the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

exubera-pisa.JPG“We thought they were just putting up a banner or something,” howled Guido Marchesi, curator of the Pisa site, who thought that a promotional tie-in with another towering design fluke would bring some much-needed new revenue. “Instead, I come this morning and some massive bong has replaced my Tower. Although, I must say, my blood sugar level today seems better.”

According to N. Hale Sulin, Brand Manager for Hexubera, “Perhaps we were a bit over-the-top with this one, but hey, the dimensions were about the same for the Tower and for our delivery mechanism, and no-one can deny that the old relic needed some updating. Why not replace it with a modern example of remarkable design? Plus, we’ve got a few extra of these beasts in inventory – we’re checking with NASA now about first stage rocket needs.”

Local residents displayed a mixture of curiosity and outrage, some of them attempting to scale the massive bong in order to activate its insulin spray. After a few successes, a curious layer of snowy material covered the site, leading to a world-first insulin snowball-throwing contest.

“Wait ’til you see what the Lipitor brand manager has in mind for the LaBrea tar pits,” hinted Sulin. “We’ll be taking on that sticky cholesterol stuff once and for all…”

(credit to Pharma Giles for the idea on take-offs of the Exubera bong…)


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