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There’s a very cool service that auto-creates an on-line newspaper each day, based on the articles “tweeted” in Twitter by a defined group of contributors. Anyone on Twitter can generate a “List” of contributors, and using paper.li, can create a customized newspaper!

Here are several I’ve created for folks in pharma and healthcare. Feel free to subscribe (just press “Alert Me” and enter your e-mail address – each day, it will alert you when the new edition is ready for viewing!). You don’t have to be a Twitter user to “get” the paper. Very cool.

http://bit.ly/PharmaNewsDaily (pharma news drawn from links shared on Twitter)

http://bit.ly/PharmaNetworkersDaily (drawn from top links shared by pharma’s influential social media types on Twitter)

http://bit.ly/HealthcareDaily (healthcare news drawn from Twitter, with a bit of focus on digital/eHealthcare)

http://bit.ly/ePatientsDaily (links and news shared by influential ePatients and advocates on Twitter)


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