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Little Pricey Pill: A BusinessWeek slam on the Nexium approach to me-too drug marketing.

Pfizer and the Neurontin marketing fraud: $142M please.

Head-to-head MS drug effectiveness studies coming. This should be interesting.


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But Are We Communicating? My rant on pharma communications, regulations, and social media.


Top 100 April Fools Pranks. ‘Cause it’s about that time…


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Is Schering‘s contraceptive NuvaRing dangerous.? This article raises the question. My take – it’s always a yellow light for me when I see a journalistic heart-string approach based on an isolated (and unproven) incident. What sells newspapers is not the same as science.

Does this really need to be treated as a “new drug”? I have some real problems with this approach – AstraZeneca files NDA for Nexium + low-dose aspirin. Umm, folks, this is not a scientific advance. And patients are fully able to take an aspirin without needing an expensive purple coating over it…

BusinessWeek gives its list of the 10 most promising new drugs (due out over next 2 years). Fairly interesting if you’ve not been keeping up with pipelines – not much new information here, however.


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