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Growing number of consumers are rating Rx drugs on-line – Over 60 million adults in the US are using social media applications for healthcare online, and many are speaking directly about products, according to a new Manhattan Research report…more Social media is happening to pharma, folks – but it’s from the outside, not the inside. It will be increasingly difficult to “control” the messaging, in my opinion, as people draw from a variety of sources (professional and amateur) for their drug information.-SW

BMS and Novartis provide unrestricted grants for social media initiatives – full story here This is great news, and I think the most effective way pharma companies can start dabbling in social media, and do genuine good. Keep an eye on this trend. -SW

Shwen Gwee has an on-line SlideShare on his recent presentation, “Can Pharma make a Business Case for Social Media?” Shwen’s a smart cookie. Keep a close eye on him if you’re interesting in social media and pharma.

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Live blogging the eXL Digital Pharma conference, from Princeton, NJ. This second day will focus on the Regulatory environment.

Mark Gaydos, Senior Director US Regulatory Affairs Marketed Products, Sanofi-Aventis: Mobilizing your Company for more complete Web 2.0

– Establish a Dedicated Team – need to have representation from all stakeholders (Commercial/Mkting, PR, Reg, Legal, etc.). It’s good for Reg key players to look ahead, and anticipate, and have strategies in place.

– Non-marketers need to think like Marketers – Just Don’t Say “No”! Imagine possibilities. Partner, not oppose.

– Identify Initiatives to be Pursued – advertise on soc med website. Host moderated community. Host moderated KOL blog. Conversation monitoring. Start small and develop a roadmap for moving forward. btw, FDA’s not waiting; they’re using soc med (have own YouTube channel).

– Gain Sr. Mgmt. Approval – know your risks, and have credible/defensible interpretations and policies in place.

– Move forward in Stages “try it on,” learn, evolve, adjust.

– Progress…with Caution

Example of FDA warning letter to Shire for Ty Pennington on YouTube video – but soc med not the problem, it was bread and butter violations of fair balance, etc.

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I recently completed a six-part series (One Interface to Rule them All) on my StickyFigure marketing blog, regarding ideas I have for the “ideal” web interface. It generated a good bit of discussion in the marketing blogger/social media community. I’ll include a link here to post #1, which includes links to all the related posts.

Geek alert: this series will be most fully appreciated by those who enjoy thinking about software interfaces, and have some knowledge of web 2.0 stuff…

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