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So, who is getting all those free drug samples, anyway? The poor, or the wealthy insured? A recent study puts this to the test.

Some refreshing candor – Novartis CEO Dan Vasella admits that he uses Lipitor (Pfizer‘s cholesterol drug) instead of Novartis’ Lescol. Medical responsibility triumphs over marketing spin!

Prasugrel, a promising Lilly/Daiichi Sankyo drug, is about to be submitted to the FDA. This will be an interesting one – the drug has blockbuster potential, but will it be fast-tracked – or side-tracked?

Very promising new Hepatitis B treatment may be on the horizon.

Breaking news from Chicago – two new filings. Takeda‘s DPP-4 inhibitor (Alogliptin, for diabetes) has now been filed for approval, as well as TAP‘s new GERD treatment.

Sciele gets approval for new formulations of its Sular HBP drug.

Mylan gets the OK to market a generic version of Zyrtec.

Who needs sleep? Just snort the latest sleep-replacement chemical!

BD gets the go-ahead for a rapid staph test, quickly identifying the presence of antibiotic-resistant strains.

The latest lawsuits for off-label promotion – Pfizer and LipitorAmgen and Enbrel.


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Some interesting oncology results:

Millennium‘s Velcade used in combo therapy for multiple myeloma shows impressive results.

Cephalon‘s Treanda shows impressive remission numbers for CLL, and effectiveness in non-Hodgins lymphoma (NHL).

Celgene‘s Revlimid continues to produce good results at a low-dose regimen.

Novartis‘ Gleevec: effective at halting leukemia progression up to 6 years.

Eisai decides to grab MGI Pharma, and its stable of oncology drugs.

Biogen-Idec‘s Zevalin, a radioimmunotherapy agent, halted NHL progression in 76% of patients (single treatment!).

AZ’s Arimidex shown superior to tamoxifen for breast cancer, even 4 years after treatment.

GSK‘s Tykerb helps fight brain tumors in combo with Xeloda.

And, on the bleeding edge:

Prasugrel (new blood thinning treatment from Daiichi-Sankyo and Lilly) continues to show promise – and some mixed results in certain populations.

Glaxo‘s experimental platelet booster shows efficacy in long-term treatment (Glaxo also announced new deals with 2 biotechs). However, GSK is now hit with a delay on its Cervarix vaccine.

Bayer and J&J’s experimental blood thinner takes on market-leader Lovenox in blood clot prevention study.

WSJ has summary article on the blood thinner race to market.

And, in other news:

Novartis the latest to announce major job cuts.

Merck still developing obesity and cholesterol drugs.

FDA approves new blood pressure drug from Mylan/Forest.

Lilly CEO to retire.

Changing endpoints…a clinical study no-no. WSJ has the story, on a long-delayed Vytorin study.

Is Alzheimer’s a form of diabetes? Very intriguing line of research…

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