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More job cuts coming up at Sanofi U.S. – Chris Viehbacher, the new CEO of Sanofi-Aventis, isn’t a man to let the grass grow under his feet. Just two days in his new job, and Sanofi is cutting its U.S. sales force, Dow Jones Newswires reports…more (Update: the number is 10%)

Generic heart medicines: just as good as brand-name stuff? – Generic heart drugs work just as well as the brand-name treatments they mimic at a fraction of the cost, according to a new analysis that challenges why some people still have doubts about generics’ benefits after almost 25 years…more But, take a look at this fresh data on adding a CCB to standard treatment.

Novartis’ new malaria treatment looking good at the FDA – Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG’s widely-used malaria drug, Coartem, appears safe and effective in the treatment of malaria, a U.S. advisory panel overwhelmingly said on Wednesday…more

Was DTC advertising a mistake? – U.S.-style direct advertising to consumers has been a big mistake for the global drug industry, undermining the reputation of the sector in the eyes of patients, according to a top executive at Roche…more

The drug cost/benefit calculus in Britain – For years, Britain was almost alone in using evidence of cost-effectiveness to decide what to pay for. But skyrocketing prices for drugs and medical devices have led a growing number of countries to ask the hardest of questions: How much is life worth? For many, NICE has the answer…more

J&J to pay a billion for Mentor – Expansion is the theme here. The health care giant is snapping up Mentor, which sells silicone-filled breast implants (see the site) as it moves into the market for cosmetic and reconstructive medicines, even as the lousy economy raises questions about consumer willingness to pay for such things (J&J statement)…more

Will Pfizer turn it around? Some think yes. And, here’s some post-mortem learning from the torcetrabip (failed) trials.

Interesting and promising early results treating sickle cell pathology in the lab (using virus-aided gene therapy).

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