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Medtronic, a doctor, transparency, and 800K – Remember that former Army doctor accused of faking data in a published study that found positive results for a Medtronic product? Turns out, Medtronic paid him nearly $800,000 over the past three years. Here’s the report from this morning’s WSJmore

RA drug Mabthera: use early, use often – Trials show rituximab, marketed as MabThera, almost completely halts the deterioration of the joints in people showing the first signs of the disease…The latest study on 755 patients shows the drug, when used with the gold standard treatment for early RA methotrexate for a year, not only reduces symptoms but slows joint damage to almost a complete stop if used early enoughmore

Novartis gets approval for…well, you’ll have to read it for yourself. Swiss drugmaker Novartis said Thursday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved its Ilaris medicine for the treatment of children and adults with cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome…more

PLUS – Sanofi to donate 100m swine flu vaccines. Nice.


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