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Prostate cancer drug treatment (Sanofi) approved on the fast track. But – a warning flag for S-A about possible Lantus/cancer link.

Bayer and OncoMed to co-develop oncology drugs in new agreement.

Novartis‘ blood cancer drug Tasigna gets approval for earlier use with CML.


SocialRx – pharma social media resources. A page full of goodies, newly updated from us here at Impactiviti. Enjoy!


Sex pills for women. Count me among the skeptics. And, medical flops of the decade (from Forbes).


Just where in the world is that South Africa place??


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JUST IN: Sanofi gets FDA clearance for heart treatment Multaq – The Food and Drug Administration cleared (FDA) Multaq twice-daily 400 mg tablets to reduce the risk of cardiovascular hospitalisation in patients with atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter, Sanofi said on Thursdaymore

More JUST IN: Elan and J&J in a joint venture for Alzheimer’s.

Stiffer warnings (black box) for Chantix and Zyban.

Can I sign up for this trip-to-France-clinical-trial? How about a westbound follow-up to Fiji?

More on the Lantus blow-up this week – reporting rushed because of Sanofi stock drop? FDA raising questions about the scary “conclusions.” And what connections to a competitor does a doctor have who rang the alarm bell?

PLUS: Testing drugs for one thing, finding they work for another.


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Ouch. Jury returns $ 1.67 billion verdict against Abbott (patent infringement vs J&J) – A U.S. federal jury returned a $1.67 billion verdict against Abbott Laboratories in a patent suit brought by Johnson & Johnson related to arthritis treatments, the drug companies said on Monday. An Abbott spokesman said the company would appeal the verdict delivered in Marshall, Texas. The case involves Humira, Abbott’s newer blockbuster drug that blocks tumor necrosis factor, or TNF, and which competes with Johnson & Johnson’s older blockbuster medication Remicademore

Sanofi hits back on “poor quality” Lantus studies.

Roche leaving PhRMA – Hoffman La Roche is severing its ties to Big Pharma. The venerable drug maker this week plans to drop its membership in the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association. PhRMA, as it is known informally, is the leading trade group for the U.S. pharmaceutical industrymore

PLUS – on the far reaches of the cancer treatment galaxy – Australian scientists have developed a “trojan horse” therapy to combat cancer, using a bacterially-derived nano cell to penetrate and disarm the cancer cell before a second nano cell kills it with chemotherapy drugsmore

AND – the doctor will text you now.


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I think it’s going to be more than 3 today…!

Does Lantus (Sanofi drug for diabetes) increase cancer risk?

Takeda‘s alogliptin (new diabetes treatment) – FDA says, more info please.

European Medicines Agency approves a variety pack of new drugs and expanded indications. Here’s the rundown.

Drug companies increasingly using Medical Science liaisons. In my industry crystal ball, I think MSL-type folks will increasingly replace pharma sales reps. More from the original WSJ article here.

Newest version of Elan rumors – Novartis perhaps buying the MS part of the portfolio? Could make sense, given Novartis’ recent entry into that therapeutic area.

Roche: bye-bye Accutane – Roche is pulling its Accutane acne medicine from the U.S. market after juries awarded at least $33 million in damages to users who blamed the drug for bowel disease. Roche notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today that it was withdrawing Accutane after a “reevaluation” of its product lines showed it faced serious challenges from generic competitors, company officials said in a statement...more


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Breaking news from the ACC:

Vytorin/Zetia gets panned – shows no benefit on the primary endpoint, though effective in reducing some markers. Doctors now wary and skeptical. Merck and Schering-Plough comment. Good summary with more links from Ed Silverman (Pharmlot blog – one of the best btw!) here.
Prasugrel gets a boost – The investigational antiplatelet drug prasugrel plus aspirin produced a marked and highly statistically significant reduction in the risk of coronary stent thrombosis (ST) – a major concern for physicians and patients with potentially fatal consequences – in patients who received a stent as compared to standard therapy with clopidogrel (Plavix®) plus aspirin (1.13 percent vs. 2.35 percent, p<0.0001), according to a stent analysis from the head-to-head TRITON-TIMI 38 trial…more. And, more here from Pharmalot.

Angiomax: pretty much equivalent to heparin – A study released on Saturday found the two drugs worked about the same in low- to moderate-risk patients in preventing death, heart attack and the need to repeat medical intervention on a diseased blood vessel…more

Positive results for AstraZeneca’s cholesterol-reducer CrestorAstraZeneca Plc is stopping a clinical trial of its blockbuster cholesterol fighter Crestor early because of the clear benefits of the medicine compared to placebo, the company said on Monday…more

——OK, now on to other news:

Free drug samples – higher prescription costs? – Following free drug sample receipt, patients who receive these samples have significantly higher out-of-pocket prescription costs than those who don’t, according to the first study to look at the out-of-pocket cost associated with free-sample use…more

Wyeth cutting 1,200 sales reps – The positions are being eliminated as of Monday as part of a major companywide program announced two months ago to save money in the face of regulatory setbacks and generic competition. At the time, the drugmaker acknowledged plans to cut about 10 percent of its global workforce of 50,000 or so, and that sales reps were high on the list. Wyeth employs roughly 25,000 people in the US…more

Sanofi-Aventis to give daily Cialis a boostSanofi-Aventis of France is partnering with Eli Lilly of America’s heartland to give Lilly’s impotence pill Cialis a boost over here…more

Speaking of Sanofi and Lilly: Lantus shows better efficacy than Humalog – A once-daily injection of Sanofi-Aventis‘s insulin drug Lantus controls blood sugar as effectively as Eli Lilly‘s Humalog, which needs to be taken three times daily, researchers said on Friday…more

Singulair trouble – suicide link? – The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it is investigating a possible link between Merck‘s best-selling Singulair and suicide. FDA said it is reviewing a handful of reports involving mood changes, suicidal behavior and suicide in patients who have taken the popular allergy and asthma drug…more

Takeda drops cholesterol drug candidate lapaquistatTakeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Japan’s biggest drug maker, on Friday dropped development of a cholesterol-lowering drug candidate that had once been seen as one of its most promising medicines…more

Otsuka pays for fraudulent Abilify marketing Otsuka American Pharmaceutical, the US unit of the Japanese drugmaker, agreed to pay more than $4 million to resolve allegations that it marketed the Abilify antipsychotic for off-label uses…more

Disease-mongering brought to a whole new level (are these people serious)? – Anyone familiar with involuntary emotional expression disorder? This is another way of saying uncontrollable laughing or crying, and a little drugmaker called Avanir Pharmaceuticals hopes to market a pill for this “distinct neurological disorder.” Also known as pseudobulbar affect, the affliction has gotten talked up in recent years and investors are buying into the concept…more

The Vytorin studies – what will be revealed at the ACC meeting? Good news from the Enhance study? And why is the Improve-It study being expanded/delayed? Is it for sound data gathering reasons, or is it a conspiracy?

Physician gifting crackdown? – The latest legislative maneuver to control pharmaceutical marketing: Last week, congressman Pete Defazio (D-OR) introduced the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, a bill that will create a public registry of gifts and payments to physicians in excess of $25 by pharmaceutical companies…more

Lunesta moth flying away.

Did you know there are now 30 job openings listed in the Impactiviti Job Board?

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