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The Good Stuff:

BMS gets approval for new oncology drug (for breast cancer) Ixempra.

Merck gets new HIV drug (Isentress) approved in the U.S. And, their Januvia diabetes drug gets new uses approved.

Abraxis gets cancer drugs approved.

J&J gets Doribax (for intra-abdominal and urinary tract infections) approved.

Bayer reports upbeat MS drug results.

Glaxo: new use of HIV drug Lexiva OK’d.

The Bummers:

Say what? Viagra and other impotence drugs may be causing hearing loss??

Pfizer pulls the plug on Exubera, lets partner Nektar know after the press release.

Novartis details job cuts, and some executive shuffling at the top. They will end a contract sales force agreement with InVentiv Health as part of the pullback.

Major job cuts at struggling Boston Scientific.

J&J‘s drug biz not growing as rapidly as has been typical. Here’s why.

Genentech posts “only” 22% year over year earnings growth. This is apparently considered a disappointment…

VA scraps most use of Avandia.

Byetta and acute pancreatitis: beware!

Pfizer and Wyeth report large charges in their earnings reports (buy Lilly has good numbers)

Speculation, gossip, other stuff:

Biogen hangs out a “For Sale” sign.

Pfizer jumps into Sermo, the physician networking site. Not everyone is thrilled.

Who is Pfizer going to buy up next? Genzyme? Everyone is hot on biotech acquisitions these days…

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