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Jenna Sweeney has this excellent post on the effectiveness of gaming for training.

game-play.jpgI have felt for a long time that this is a vastly under-utilized tool for pharma sales training. The competitive aspect of multi-player immersive gaming, and the potential for learning by repetition (in a mission-oriented game that is designed to make the players answer questions and learn), make this type of approach very effective, especially for the upcoming younger generations who are used to this approach.

I’ve included simulation and gaming developers in my partner network. Let me know if this is an approach you’d like to consider. Oh, and if you’re worried about budget dollars – presenting a high-end game concept to a brand manager, whose product will gain mindshare among the reps by rolling it out, makes for some good synergy in a marketing/training spend. (that’s a very awkward sentence. I’m sure to hear about it from my mother, a former teacher…)

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