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I think it’s going to be more than 3 today…!

Does Lantus (Sanofi drug for diabetes) increase cancer risk?

Takeda‘s alogliptin (new diabetes treatment) – FDA says, more info please.

European Medicines Agency approves a variety pack of new drugs and expanded indications. Here’s the rundown.

Drug companies increasingly using Medical Science liaisons. In my industry crystal ball, I think MSL-type folks will increasingly replace pharma sales reps. More from the original WSJ article here.

Newest version of Elan rumors – Novartis perhaps buying the MS part of the portfolio? Could make sense, given Novartis’ recent entry into that therapeutic area.

Roche: bye-bye Accutane – Roche is pulling its Accutane acne medicine from the U.S. market after juries awarded at least $33 million in damages to users who blamed the drug for bowel disease. Roche notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today that it was withdrawing Accutane after a “reevaluation” of its product lines showed it faced serious challenges from generic competitors, company officials said in a statement...more


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Abbott makes a bigger push into medical devices with the purchase of Advanced Medical Optics.

Elan CEO about talks with Pfizer: No. But we love our rumors and speculation, don’t we?

Long-time (well, 2 years is a long time in this space!) blogger Ed Silverman ends his run at the top-notch Pharmalot, which will be another casualty of the awful newspaper environment (Pharmalot was owned by the Star-Ledger).

PLUS: An interview with Craig DeLarge on Web 2.0 stuff. Linked from the up-and-coming Med 2.0 blog. I’ve spent a little time with Craig and he is a definite leader in the progressive use of technology in pharma.

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Who needs exercise? Maybe we can get the benefits in a pill! – That dream, cherished by millions of sedentary couch potatoes, just got a little bit closer. Today, researchers are reporting that an experimental drug can mimic the results of an exercise regimen — with no exercise required. After four weeks of taking the pill, mice who hadn’t worked out displayed a 44 percent increase in their running endurance…more

Schering gets a surprise FDA thumbs down.

BMS looking to buy up the rest of ImClone.

BMS: more jobs on the chopping block. Will BMS be an acquisition target?

OK, you don’t hear about this every day – A contractor for Novartis was charged with running a prostitution ring from his desk at the drugmaker in suburban New Jersey…more

Sales rep access limits identified – Pharma sales reps that want to see a doctor might want to take a less-is-more approach—and by less, we mean fewer doctors. It turns out that the more physicians a practice has on staff, the more likely a rep will get denied access…more (from Pharma Exec)

Viagra for tumors, depressed women? – Viagra, a popular anti-impotence pill, may help some women on antidepressants have better sex, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday…more Impotence drugs may help carry cancer-fighting drugs through the brain to treat malignant tumors, U.S. researchers reported on Monday…more

Encouraging liver cancer results for Nexavar – Bayer HealthCare AG and Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that The New England Journal of Medicine published landmark results of a Nexavar study in liver cancer. The data of the Phase III trial showed that Nexavar® (sorafenib) tablets decreased the absolute risk of death by 31 percent in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), or liver cancer, versus patients who received placebo. This represents a 44 percent improvement in median overall survival for patients treated with Nexavar…more

Zyprexa and freedom of non-speech.

Elan, Wyeth, and others – not the greatest progress on Alzheimer’s treatments.

Tysabri: the return of brain infections. More here.

Congress wants Vytorin/cancer data – The House Energy and Commerce Committee wants the FDA to turn over the results of an analysis looking into the potential links between Vytorin and cancer…more

Tax money for counter-detailing? – In an effort to dilute the impact of sales reps, several Senators and Congressmen today are introducing a bill that would create funding for a program to send trained pharmacists, nurses, and other health care professionals into a doctor’s office with independent data about benefits, risks, costs, and comparative effectiveness of prescription drugs, including generics…more

Big Pharma stocks – safe haven no more.

The price of malpractice. This is kinda scary.

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Cymbalta approved for Fibromyalgia – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Cymbalta® (duloxetine HCl) for the management of fibromyalgia, a chronic widespread pain disorder, Eli Lilly and Company announced today…more

Takeda’s Actos may help prevent diabetes – Actos, a pill to treat diabetes, can prevent development of the disease in people with early symptoms, U.S. researchers reported…more

Amylin’s once-weekly Byetta looks promising for lowering blood sugar – Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Monday that a once-weekly version of its Byetta type 2 diabetes medicine led to additional improvements in blood sugar levels over the currently available drug that must be injected twice a day…more However, their stock was pounded after many positive news reports of competitive drugs.

Ranbaxy up for grabsDaiichi makes bid. Also, strikes deal with Pfizer over generic Lipitor.

Elan/Wyeth experimental Alzheimer’s drug continues to progress in clinical trials – A closely watched Phase II study of an experimental Alzheimier’s drug being developed by Elan and Wyeth shows the med appears to be effective in some patients. Known as bapineuzumab, the drug failed to achieve statistically significant results in the primary outcomes, but managed to do so in subgroups lacking a higher genetic risk to develop the disease…more

J&J, Red Cross, call it quits on legal fight – The lawsuits had an absurdist, has-it-really-come-to-this quality about them. Johnson & Johnson and the Red Cross — Band-Aids and baby powder, blood drives and disaster relief — were suing each other over the rights to the red cross emblem that both had long shared. Now, after getting most of its suit against the Red Cross tossed out by a judge, Johnson & Johnson has picked up its legal toys and gone home. The company said today that it is dismissing its remaining claims against the august nonprofit. And the Red Cross, for its part, threw out its counterclaims against J&J. The companies’ statement is online here more

FDA and Genentech in a staredown – Last year, Genentech caused a ruckus by restricting distribution of its Avastin med to compounding pharmacies, which were repackaging and selling the drug to opthalmologists for treating wet macular degeneration. Unlike Avastin, Genentech’s similar, but newer Lucentis was approved to treat the malady, but at $2,000 a dose will cost about 40 times as much…more

Cancer drug Gleevec may help with strokes? Very cool – A highly effective leukemia pill may reduce complications and boost the effectiveness of a treatment for the most common type of stroke, an international team of researchers said on Sunday. Studies in mice showed giving Gleevec or imatinib, a drug made by Novartis AG, significantly reduced bleeding in the brain associated with the clot-busting drug known as tissue plasminogen activator or tPA…more

Millennium/Takeda’s Velcade gets expanded approval – Takeda Pharmaceutical Co, Japan’s largest drugmaker, won U.S. approval to promote its cancer drug Velcade for earlier treatment of multiple myeloma, the company said on Friday…more

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