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Welcome back! First, a couple of links of interest to kick off the new year:

:: Are Walnuts now Drugs? Ask the FDA! (Nanny state alert)

:: Made-up Disease (YouTube)

UPDATE: Some more jobs that have been posted in the past week or so, in addition to the original list!

Director, Global Training and Development, Customer Management, J&J (NJ)

Sales Trainer, Stryker, NJ

Manager, Sales Training and Development, Eisai (NJ)

Manager, Sales Training, Aptalis (NJ)

Director/Sr Director, Commercial Training and Development, Regeneron (NY)

Dir, Global Sales Training and Development, Alexion (CT)

Sales Training and Program MgrBecton, Dickinson (Baltimore)

Assistant Skills Development, Sales and Marketing Director, Astellas (Chicago)

Dir, Sr Global Quality and Compliance Training, Allergan (CA)

It’s been a rough year for trainers, but it seems like the job opening spigot is beginning to open as we approach the end of 2011.

Here’s a list of some fresh opening for you to explore (Impactiviti has no further information or “inside track” on these listings – they’re posted here as a service to the Impactiviti network):

Training Manager, Specialty Products, Eisai (NJ)

Sales Training Specialist, Otsuka (NJ)

Associate Sales Training Director, Shire (PA)

Associate Director, Managed Markets Training, B-I (CT)

Assistant Director, Oncology Sales Training, Astellas (Chicago)

Corporate Medical Sales Trainer, Recruiter (Chicago)

National Sales Training Manager, Allergan (CA)

Director, Sales Training and Development, Somaxon (CA)

Brand Trainer, Genentech (CA)

Sales Training Consultant, Avanir (CA)


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New blood thinner looking good; superior to Lovenox? – Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.’s and Pfizer Inc.’s experimental blood thinner prevented dangerous blood clots from forming after knee replacement surgery better than Sanofi-Aventis’s Lovenox in a European study. The company-funded trial, dubbed Advance-2, found patients given apixaban pills twice daily were 38 percent less likely to develop clots deep in the legs, in the lungs or die within two weeks than those given intravenous Lovenox starting before the operation. People in both groups had a similar risk of bleeding, a feared complication of blood-thinning medications. SA..more BMS is talking about 60 drugs in testing phase these days…

Eisai‘s sales to go down by more than half – Japan’s No.4 drugmaker, said it expects annual U.S. sales of its flagship Alzheimer’s drug Aricept to fall 60 percent in three years, hit by the expiration of the drug’s patent later this yearmore

The 10 scariest pharma and healthcare YouTube videos. From Dose of Digital blog.

Need new sales reps? Poach.


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Tearing up the rule book on pharma sales force compensation (from Pharmaceutical Executive). And survey says: the glory days aren’t coming back.


What are “crepuscular rays”? You’ll recognize them when you see them! 20 gorgeous examples.


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Lessons from Heath Ledger’s tragic death: Don’t mix prescription drugs.

Merck hands over a cool $649 million to settle allegations about marketing transgressions. Also, launches authorized generic of Fosamax, which lost patent protection this month.

GSK continues slumping due to Avandia decline.

Some Q&A about that recent diabetes study that was halted due to deaths in the (intensive sugar reduction) treatment arm.

Botox and deaths. Careful out there!

A vaccine for high blood pressure? This looks pretty intriguing!

Eisai fails to get a shot at early approval for a new cancer drug.

Promising new Schering drug (vicriviroc) may help suppress HIV when used in combination with older drugs.

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Some interesting oncology results:

Millennium‘s Velcade used in combo therapy for multiple myeloma shows impressive results.

Cephalon‘s Treanda shows impressive remission numbers for CLL, and effectiveness in non-Hodgins lymphoma (NHL).

Celgene‘s Revlimid continues to produce good results at a low-dose regimen.

Novartis‘ Gleevec: effective at halting leukemia progression up to 6 years.

Eisai decides to grab MGI Pharma, and its stable of oncology drugs.

Biogen-Idec‘s Zevalin, a radioimmunotherapy agent, halted NHL progression in 76% of patients (single treatment!).

AZ’s Arimidex shown superior to tamoxifen for breast cancer, even 4 years after treatment.

GSK‘s Tykerb helps fight brain tumors in combo with Xeloda.

And, on the bleeding edge:

Prasugrel (new blood thinning treatment from Daiichi-Sankyo and Lilly) continues to show promise – and some mixed results in certain populations.

Glaxo‘s experimental platelet booster shows efficacy in long-term treatment (Glaxo also announced new deals with 2 biotechs). However, GSK is now hit with a delay on its Cervarix vaccine.

Bayer and J&J’s experimental blood thinner takes on market-leader Lovenox in blood clot prevention study.

WSJ has summary article on the blood thinner race to market.

And, in other news:

Novartis the latest to announce major job cuts.

Merck still developing obesity and cholesterol drugs.

FDA approves new blood pressure drug from Mylan/Forest.

Lilly CEO to retire.

Changing endpoints…a clinical study no-no. WSJ has the story, on a long-delayed Vytorin study.

Is Alzheimer’s a form of diabetes? Very intriguing line of research…

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