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What is Impactiviti? In short, we’re a pharma network and consultancy. We help pharma/biotech/med device clients find optimal vendor/partners for training and social media needs. If you need advice and want to tap into our extensive network of best-in-class providers (the vendor matchmaking service is free to clients), contact us!


Glaxo getting into the movie-making business? This film sounds gastronomic!

Diabetes and donuts. Well, donut holes.

Teva looking to supersize by 2015.


Selling to the C-Suite. For certain high-level salespeople – in pharma or outside of that vertical – there is an art form to selling higher. Our provider network can help design a program for you. Contact us (stevew at impactiviti dot com, or phone at 973-947-7429) for recommendations.


A free e-book for pharma marketers – how to approach the on-line world of patient advocacy, communities, and social media. Written by multiple experienced folks in the field (yes, even I contributed a chapter.


Two minutes of high-flying post-Christmas fun (video).


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