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marriott-world-2.jpgDid you know that 50% of the 2007 SPBT Annual Conference Attendees were first-timers? This is consistent with the general impression that many people take on a Training role as a building block for career development purposes. And this means that another transition is often on the horizon – from Trainer to District Manager.

For many, a rotation in the sales training department is a step toward field management. If this is in your career plan, you’ll want to start preparing for new challenges ahead…now!

For instance, did you ever consider that the skills and experience that are fostered in a training role are extremely similar to the core competencies needed as an effective DM? Or, that those who move on to district management often believe that they could have learned even more from an additional role in another function before becoming a DM?

At this year’s SPBT conference, Michael Capaldi (Sanofi-Aventis) will be joined by Carol Wells (Genentech), Chris Goins (Wyeth) and David Purdy (Psychological Consultants) for a panel discussion entitled: From Trainer to District Manager – and Beyond (Workshop Period 4, 9:45-11:15). During this workshop the facilitators will discuss the typical path of Trainer to DM and expose participants to other opportunities that this experience can affords them.

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