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Could low-dose Avandia be useful in preventing diabetes onset? This would be good news for GSK GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s Avandia helped prevent the onset of diabetes when taken at a low dose with another drug, according to a company-sponsored study that suggests the regimen may help patients without raising heart attack risk. Half doses of Avandia and the therapy metformin, when combined, cut the risk of developing diabetes by two-thirds compared with placebo, Canadian researchers said..more

We’re in the gusher phase of the pre-ASCO press release flood. This sneak peek on BMS products is intriguing. More here – Four Scenarios for BMS.

Lying about data – people just don’t seem to learn. Sigh. And that goes for financial folks, politicians, climate scientists – it ain’t just pharma, folks!

Cephalon, Provigil and Nuvigil.


Leadership Training. We’ve got the vendor/partners you need for this – field leaders or executive leadership level. Contact us (stevew at impactiviti dot com, or phone at 973-947-7429) for recommendations.


New iPhone app released by Novartis subsidiary CibaVision. My “live” review while playing with it – mixed feelings. And, while we’re doing reviews – a north Jersey restaurant (Tabor Road Tavern) that blew me away.


Who needs PSA tests for prostate cancer when you have Fido? What’s interesting is that this is – amusingly – serious!


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We’re in the pre-ASCO oncology news build-up phase. Here’s a brief preview. And even more here.

Does HGH really help athletes? Interesting article – the last paragraph is the kicker.

Whistleblowers (J&J) get a payday. And, allegations about illegal sales practices by Roche with Tamiflu.


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Karl Schmieder of MessagingLab interviews me about Impactiviti. Plus – the timing is never really “right,” is it? 29 and Counting.


If this doesn’t make you want to visit South America some day, nothing will!

AND, a pharma spoof – So, What’s your Problem with Gram-Negative Bacteria?


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Fresh news from the ADA (American Diabetes Association):

Takeda’s alogliptin shows impressive results – Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd’s  experimental diabetes drug alogliptin significantly lowers blood sugar alone and in combination with other common therapies, according to research presented on Saturday…more More detailed data here.

Sanofi’s experimental injectable diabetes drug shows promise – An experimental injectable type 2 diabetes drug being developed by Sanofi-Aventis SA was well tolerated and significantly improved blood sugar control compared with a placebo, according to data presented on Saturday…more

Head-to-head study of Byetta with an experimental Novo drug…very interesting – Novo Nordisk’s experimental type 2 diabetes drug, liraglutide, was superior in controlling blood sugar in a clinical trial to Eli Lilly and Co and Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc’s Byetta, the Danish company said on Friday…more

Forbes.com has a bunch of follow-up articles growing out of the recent ASCO meeting:

:: Cancer Revolution, or Me-too Mess? Over the next decade, drug companies could either start selling more cancer drugs than at any time in history or face the biggest string of clinical failures ever…more

:: Cancer Drug Winners and LosersThe data presented at ASCO can have a huge impact both on the share prices of drug firms and on the long-term sales of their medicines. Here’s a roundup of the most important drug studies from the meeting and a look at how they will affect the companies involved…more

:: Novartis Steals the ShowNovartis is emerging as the surprise winner at this year’s annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the year’s biggest cancer conference…more

:: Can Cancer Cure Pfizer?The recovery of Pfizer, the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company, rests largely on how well Nicholson, 53, can get cancer-fighting drugs out of its research labs and into doctors’ offices…more

:: And, if you want the real short-form bullet-point summary, here’s the high-level ASCO overview from Pharma Exec.

In other news….

Crestor Gaining Market Share – AstraZeneca Plc’s cholesterol drug Crestor is gaining market share in the highly competitive U.S. market, following recent encouraging data and problems faced by rival medicine Vytorin…more

Arthritis Drugs Cause Concern – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned American consumers on Wednesday that it is looking into side effects of a class of arthritis drugs that could cause cancer in children…more

Novartis Buying into Antibiotics – Novartis said it’s going to pay $100 million up front, plus as much as $300 million more, for Protez Pharmaceuticals. Protez makes PZ-601, an antibiotic in Phase II development against potentially fatal drug-resistant infections, including the MRSA and ESBL strains…more

Actelion: Who’s circling? -Big drugmakers want to do a deal with Switzerland’s Actelion Ltd — the question is will it be a $1 billion-plus drug marketing alliance or a $7 billion-plus takeover?…more (hat tip: Pharmagossip)

Sexual Harassment and Drug Reps: Watch your Steps, Folks: (from PharmaGossip) Workers at pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly may want to lay off the Cialis – a longtime saleswoman says she was canned after complaining about her boss’ sexist rants and the come-ons of her sales partner…more

Velcade: a cancer treatment with some potential for lupus? – Velcade, a drug used to treat cancer, might also work against the chronic autoimmune disease lupus, German researchers said on Sunday…more

And…here’s the weekly blog/news summary from Chris Truelove at PharmaLive.

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A ton of cancer news out of ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology). We’ll get to those in a minute. First, all the other stuff:

Pfizer’s Chantix running into heavy weather – Hundreds of patients taking Pfizer Inc‘s anti-smoking drug Chantix have reported serious accidents, vision problems and heart trouble, researchers said on Wednesday, sending shares of the world’s largest drugmaker to their lowest level since 1997…more

Takeda continues making deals; partnering with Alnylam – The Japanese drugmaker will pay that upfront to become Alnylam’s strategic partner for five years to use RNA interference, which offers a way to turn specific genes on and off, to develop treatments for cancer and metabolic disease…more

Takeda’s alogliptin diabetes drug looking good – Takeda Pharmaceutical’s experimental diabetes treatment, a successor to its best- selling Actos drug, showed promising signs in clinical trials that could lead to U.S. sales approval, analysts tracking the company said…more

Angiomax, from The Medicine’s Company, gets a very encouraging result for angioplasty clot prevention – A new clot-preventing drug called bivalirudin is much more effective than existing drugs at stopping clot formation during balloon angioplasty for severe heart attacks, reducing the risk of death by a third, researchers reported Thursday…more

Osteoporosis drug wars: Amgen says it beats Merck – Biotechnology company Amgen Inc. said Wednesday that a head-to-head study showed its late-stage osteoporosis drug denosumab was more effective than a competing drug from Merck & Co…more

IMS predicting seven upcoming potential blockbusters – Despite hollow pipelines across the industry in 2008, seven drugs could hypothetically reach blockbuster status, according to Doug Long, director of industry relations at IMS Health…more

GSK’s experimental blood drug looking not much different from placebo – GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) experimental drug Promacta (eltrombopag) failed to significantly lower bleeding in patients with the rare blood disorder it was designed to treat, the FDA said…more

Antidepressants help stroke victims? – Preventive use of antidepressants slashes the depression rate of stroke patients by more than half and could help them live years longer, a landmark study out Tuesday suggests…more

Cutting Alzheimer’s risk by a quarterAspirin and related painkillers called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs all seem to work equally well to cut a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, researchers said on Wednesday…more


Now, onto ASCO:

A KRAS act – Among the 5,000 studies being discussed by 30,000 oncologists at this weekend’s meeting of American Society of Clinical Oncology, listen for the buzz over a single gene. It’s called KRAS, and a growing body of evidence suggests that cancers with the standard form of this gene respond better to an important class of cancer drugs than tumors with a common mutation of the gene…more

Erbitux adds to survival in lung cancerLung cancer patients treated in a large clinical trial with ImClone Systems Inc’s Erbitux and chemotherapy lived about five weeks longer than patients treated with chemotherapy alone, according to study results released on Saturday…more

Lilly’s Gemzar very effective with pancreatic cancerEli Lilly and Co’s chemotherapy drug Gemzar more than doubled the overall survival for early stage pancreatic cancer patients five years after surgery to remove their tumors, according to results from a long-term study released on Saturday…more

Can Celebrex help prevent development of lung cancer? Maybe – A high dose of the arthritis drug Celebrex showed early signs that it may help prevent lung cancer in heavy smokers, U.S. researchers said on Sunday…more

Effective vaccine for brain tumor? – A cancer vaccine more than doubled the survival time of people with the most common and deadly type of brain tumor, U.S. researchers said on Monday…more

Cancer drugs – less is more? It’s the year of less at the big American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting. Rather than buzzing about some promising new drug or treatment, lots of docs are talking about when patients shouldn’t get treated with particular drugs…more

Novartis’ experimental RAD-001: very promising – Early proof-of-concept studies presented today show RAD001 (everolimus) may offer a novel treatment strategy for breast cancer by enhancing the efficacy of, and overcoming resistance to, several commonly used breast cancer treatments…more

Novartis’ Zometa helps stave off breast cancer – A drug used to strengthen the bones of women with breast cancer helped cut the risk of the cancer returning by 36 percent, European researchers said on Saturday…more

Merck’s experimental osteoporosis drug helps cancer patients – Drug maker Merck & Co. on Tuesday said a mid-stage trial of an osteoporosis drug in women with breast cancer reduced the breakdown of bone…more

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There’s a ton of stuff going on this week, plus we’re in pre-ASCO mode (so lots of oncology news – scroll down for those headlines). Here we go:

What’s a vaptan? Maybe something pretty exciting – A new class of drugs called vaptans may be able to treat a wide variety of conditions including painful periods, brain hemorrhage, psychotic disorders and glaucoma, Belgian researchers report…more

One less tree in that Forest – Forest Laboratories Inc has ended its agreement with Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd to co-promote Daiichi’s blood-pressure drug Azor, as Forest shifts resources to support other products, the companies said on Monday…more

Viagra: good for MD? – Researchers found the way the drug works to combat impotence may also help ward off heart failure in muscular dystrophy patients…more

OK, it’s not pharma per se, but it’s way too cool: Nanohealing – A startup based in Cambridge, MA, says that it plans to soon begin clinical trials of a nanostructured material that stops bleeding almost instantly…more

Here’s a switch: the FDA downgrading a warning – The FDA has eased restrictions on drugs used to enhance ultrasound images of the heart…more

Abbott’s new stent looking very good: interesting backstory – Abbott said this morning that its Xience stent outperformed Boston Scientific’s Taxus on several measures in a two-year study. The results mean the stent is likely to get the green light from the FDA soon…more

Merck and Ranbaxy: let’s develop something together – Merck signed a deal on Monday with Indian generics giant Ranbaxy to codevelop a new line of anti-infectives. As part of the agreement, Ranbaxy stands to receive more than $100 million for each drug that passes a certain milestone. That’s on top of an undisclosed upfront payment…more

Takeda’s financial results hiccup: no surprise when you’re buying another company!Japan’s largest drug manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceutical, reported on Friday its first operating profit decline in 16 years and warned that the net profit in fiscal 2009 would diminish by more than a half as a result of its recent $8.8 billion deal to buy Millennium Pharmaceuticals in the United States…more

Daiichi Sankyo: the ups and downs of growth – Daiichi Sankyo Co., Japan’s third- largest drugmaker, had a 44 percent jump in quarterly net income, led by higher sales of its blood pressure treatments. The company predicts profit will drop this year…more

Trasylol bows out – Bayer AG is removing remaining supplies of its heart-surgery drug Trasylol from the U.S. market after a long-awaited study found it raised the risk of death compared to two alternatives, U.S. regulators said on Wednesday…more

Diabetes beating cholesterol on spending – Diabetes treatments are now the leading driver of prescription drug spending growth, displacing lipid-lowering drugs which fell precipitously after a decade of reigning in the top position, as generic drugs cut the cost of treating high cholesterol…more

The heartbreak of psoriasis to be lessened soon? – A top Johnson & Johnson research official said on Wednesday the company’s experimental drug ustekinumab could become the “gold standard” for treating psoriasis, in part because it would require only four injections a year…more

J&J gets crossed off in court – Remember that truth-is-stranger-than-fiction drama that featured Johnson & Johnson suing the American Red Cross over the use of the red cross logo? Turns out it’s not going so well for J&J. A judge today threw out most of what was left of the case, the Associated Press reportsmore

On the Oncology/pre-ASCO front:

Cancer drugs: the big growth area? – Sales of cancer drugs will grow at nearly double the rate of the global pharmaceutical market and could reach $80 billion by 2012, according to IMS Health, which tracks prescription drug sales…more

Can cancer cure Pfizer?

Novartis’ experimental RAD001 making strides with kidney cancer – Nearly two-thirds of kidney cancer patients taking Novartis AG’s RAD001 had progression of their disease delayed by a year, a significantly better result than in those taking placebo, investigators said…more

Novartis’ Zometa may slow cancer progression: A drug prescribed to prevent fractures in breast cancer patients whose tumors have spread may actually help slow the cancer itself, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday…more

Pharmalot has links to some other early ASCO news, including Avastin, Herceptin, Vectibix, Denosumab, and Alimta.

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