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Now Available – Archived interview on Social Media in Pharma last Friday with Paul Chaney – feel free to forward the link (http://bit.ly/29kAoN) to your colleagues.


Abbott wins the bidding for Solvay’s drug unit Abbott Laboratories will announce today the €5bn ($7.3bn) acquisition of Solvay’s pharmaceutical company, bringing a five-month takeover battle to an end and highlighting continued consolidation in the industry. The US drugmaker beat UCB of Belgium and Nycomed of Switzerland to buy the division, which is valued at between €4.5bn and €5bnmore

The Medicines Company gets encouraging results from Angiomax study – The Medicines Company today announced the presentation of 2-year clinical results from the landmark HORIZONS-AMI Trial. The trial showed that patients who had suffered the most severe form of heart attack were significantly less likely to suffer cardiac death and had better overall survival if treated with Angiomax® (bivalirudin) while undergoing angioplasty compared with those treated with heparin plus a platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor (GPI) during angioplasty...more

Merck‘s diabetes drug Januvia with pancreatitis link? Merck says no, but FDA concerned.


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Is the Apple iPhone 3GS good enough to record the video of an entire conference presentation? Well, yes, it kinda can. Here are the results of my little experiment, from last week’s PharmaMed conference.

Coming up next month:


Oct. 19-21 – eXL’s Digital Pharma conference, Bridgewater, NJ. This event will be quite progressive, with more of an informal “unconference” format to maximize interaction. I’ll be co-leading a pre-conference workshop on the 19th on social media, and live-blogging/Twittering. Here’s a discount code for 15% your registration: P615WOO


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AstraZeneca’s experimental drug may bring serious competition to Plavix – AstraZeneca‘s new pill Brilinta for preventing heart attacks works better than Plavix, the world’s second biggest selling drug, without increasing the amount of life-threatening bleeding, researchers said on Sundaymore

B-I‘s new drug Praxada poised to finally provide an alternative to warfarin – Patients at risk of stroke due to an erratic heartbeat should soon have a viable alternative to 50-year-old warfarin, after a new pill from Boehringer Ingelheim beat expectations in a major clinical studymore Plus, new B-I drug for COPD is looking promising.

Encouraging results for Angiomax in cardiac mortality/survival study – The Medicines Company today announced the publication of one-year results from the landmark HORIZONS-AMI Trial. The trial showed that patients who had suffered the most severe form of heart attack and received angioplasty were significantly less likely to suffer cardiac death and had significantly better overall survival if treated with Angiomax (bivalirudin) compared with those treated with heparin plus a platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor (GPI)more

FDA to Allos: not so sure about your lymphoma data – Food and Drug Administration reviewers, in a summary prepared for an advisory panel, said their two issues with Allos’ application were “the clinical significance of tumor response and duration of response” as well as “whether the benefit:risk ratio is favorable” for Folotynmore


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Couldn’t stop myself from including a link to this press release – can you discover what in the world the product being discussed is for? Neither can I…


Turn up your speakers, sit back for a minute or two, and just enjoy this remarkable video. Rain.

On a personal note: Next week one of my sons joins the Marines. Some thoughts from a proud Dad.


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A ton of cancer news out of ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology). We’ll get to those in a minute. First, all the other stuff:

Pfizer’s Chantix running into heavy weather – Hundreds of patients taking Pfizer Inc‘s anti-smoking drug Chantix have reported serious accidents, vision problems and heart trouble, researchers said on Wednesday, sending shares of the world’s largest drugmaker to their lowest level since 1997…more

Takeda continues making deals; partnering with Alnylam – The Japanese drugmaker will pay that upfront to become Alnylam’s strategic partner for five years to use RNA interference, which offers a way to turn specific genes on and off, to develop treatments for cancer and metabolic disease…more

Takeda’s alogliptin diabetes drug looking good – Takeda Pharmaceutical’s experimental diabetes treatment, a successor to its best- selling Actos drug, showed promising signs in clinical trials that could lead to U.S. sales approval, analysts tracking the company said…more

Angiomax, from The Medicine’s Company, gets a very encouraging result for angioplasty clot prevention – A new clot-preventing drug called bivalirudin is much more effective than existing drugs at stopping clot formation during balloon angioplasty for severe heart attacks, reducing the risk of death by a third, researchers reported Thursday…more

Osteoporosis drug wars: Amgen says it beats Merck – Biotechnology company Amgen Inc. said Wednesday that a head-to-head study showed its late-stage osteoporosis drug denosumab was more effective than a competing drug from Merck & Co…more

IMS predicting seven upcoming potential blockbusters – Despite hollow pipelines across the industry in 2008, seven drugs could hypothetically reach blockbuster status, according to Doug Long, director of industry relations at IMS Health…more

GSK’s experimental blood drug looking not much different from placebo – GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) experimental drug Promacta (eltrombopag) failed to significantly lower bleeding in patients with the rare blood disorder it was designed to treat, the FDA said…more

Antidepressants help stroke victims? – Preventive use of antidepressants slashes the depression rate of stroke patients by more than half and could help them live years longer, a landmark study out Tuesday suggests…more

Cutting Alzheimer’s risk by a quarterAspirin and related painkillers called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs all seem to work equally well to cut a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, researchers said on Wednesday…more


Now, onto ASCO:

A KRAS act – Among the 5,000 studies being discussed by 30,000 oncologists at this weekend’s meeting of American Society of Clinical Oncology, listen for the buzz over a single gene. It’s called KRAS, and a growing body of evidence suggests that cancers with the standard form of this gene respond better to an important class of cancer drugs than tumors with a common mutation of the gene…more

Erbitux adds to survival in lung cancerLung cancer patients treated in a large clinical trial with ImClone Systems Inc’s Erbitux and chemotherapy lived about five weeks longer than patients treated with chemotherapy alone, according to study results released on Saturday…more

Lilly’s Gemzar very effective with pancreatic cancerEli Lilly and Co’s chemotherapy drug Gemzar more than doubled the overall survival for early stage pancreatic cancer patients five years after surgery to remove their tumors, according to results from a long-term study released on Saturday…more

Can Celebrex help prevent development of lung cancer? Maybe – A high dose of the arthritis drug Celebrex showed early signs that it may help prevent lung cancer in heavy smokers, U.S. researchers said on Sunday…more

Effective vaccine for brain tumor? – A cancer vaccine more than doubled the survival time of people with the most common and deadly type of brain tumor, U.S. researchers said on Monday…more

Cancer drugs – less is more? It’s the year of less at the big American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting. Rather than buzzing about some promising new drug or treatment, lots of docs are talking about when patients shouldn’t get treated with particular drugs…more

Novartis’ experimental RAD-001: very promising – Early proof-of-concept studies presented today show RAD001 (everolimus) may offer a novel treatment strategy for breast cancer by enhancing the efficacy of, and overcoming resistance to, several commonly used breast cancer treatments…more

Novartis’ Zometa helps stave off breast cancer – A drug used to strengthen the bones of women with breast cancer helped cut the risk of the cancer returning by 36 percent, European researchers said on Saturday…more

Merck’s experimental osteoporosis drug helps cancer patients – Drug maker Merck & Co. on Tuesday said a mid-stage trial of an osteoporosis drug in women with breast cancer reduced the breakdown of bone…more

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Breaking news from the ACC:

Vytorin/Zetia gets panned – shows no benefit on the primary endpoint, though effective in reducing some markers. Doctors now wary and skeptical. Merck and Schering-Plough comment. Good summary with more links from Ed Silverman (Pharmlot blog – one of the best btw!) here.
Prasugrel gets a boost – The investigational antiplatelet drug prasugrel plus aspirin produced a marked and highly statistically significant reduction in the risk of coronary stent thrombosis (ST) – a major concern for physicians and patients with potentially fatal consequences – in patients who received a stent as compared to standard therapy with clopidogrel (Plavix®) plus aspirin (1.13 percent vs. 2.35 percent, p<0.0001), according to a stent analysis from the head-to-head TRITON-TIMI 38 trial…more. And, more here from Pharmalot.

Angiomax: pretty much equivalent to heparin – A study released on Saturday found the two drugs worked about the same in low- to moderate-risk patients in preventing death, heart attack and the need to repeat medical intervention on a diseased blood vessel…more

Positive results for AstraZeneca’s cholesterol-reducer CrestorAstraZeneca Plc is stopping a clinical trial of its blockbuster cholesterol fighter Crestor early because of the clear benefits of the medicine compared to placebo, the company said on Monday…more

——OK, now on to other news:

Free drug samples – higher prescription costs? – Following free drug sample receipt, patients who receive these samples have significantly higher out-of-pocket prescription costs than those who don’t, according to the first study to look at the out-of-pocket cost associated with free-sample use…more

Wyeth cutting 1,200 sales reps – The positions are being eliminated as of Monday as part of a major companywide program announced two months ago to save money in the face of regulatory setbacks and generic competition. At the time, the drugmaker acknowledged plans to cut about 10 percent of its global workforce of 50,000 or so, and that sales reps were high on the list. Wyeth employs roughly 25,000 people in the US…more

Sanofi-Aventis to give daily Cialis a boostSanofi-Aventis of France is partnering with Eli Lilly of America’s heartland to give Lilly’s impotence pill Cialis a boost over here…more

Speaking of Sanofi and Lilly: Lantus shows better efficacy than Humalog – A once-daily injection of Sanofi-Aventis‘s insulin drug Lantus controls blood sugar as effectively as Eli Lilly‘s Humalog, which needs to be taken three times daily, researchers said on Friday…more

Singulair trouble – suicide link? – The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it is investigating a possible link between Merck‘s best-selling Singulair and suicide. FDA said it is reviewing a handful of reports involving mood changes, suicidal behavior and suicide in patients who have taken the popular allergy and asthma drug…more

Takeda drops cholesterol drug candidate lapaquistatTakeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Japan’s biggest drug maker, on Friday dropped development of a cholesterol-lowering drug candidate that had once been seen as one of its most promising medicines…more

Otsuka pays for fraudulent Abilify marketing Otsuka American Pharmaceutical, the US unit of the Japanese drugmaker, agreed to pay more than $4 million to resolve allegations that it marketed the Abilify antipsychotic for off-label uses…more

Disease-mongering brought to a whole new level (are these people serious)? – Anyone familiar with involuntary emotional expression disorder? This is another way of saying uncontrollable laughing or crying, and a little drugmaker called Avanir Pharmaceuticals hopes to market a pill for this “distinct neurological disorder.” Also known as pseudobulbar affect, the affliction has gotten talked up in recent years and investors are buying into the concept…more

The Vytorin studies – what will be revealed at the ACC meeting? Good news from the Enhance study? And why is the Improve-It study being expanded/delayed? Is it for sound data gathering reasons, or is it a conspiracy?

Physician gifting crackdown? – The latest legislative maneuver to control pharmaceutical marketing: Last week, congressman Pete Defazio (D-OR) introduced the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, a bill that will create a public registry of gifts and payments to physicians in excess of $25 by pharmaceutical companies…more

Lunesta moth flying away.

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