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The training event has happened. And now you’re left wondering – will they remember it? Will the learning be applied? How can this be reinforced over time?

We can help.

Impactiviti’s Preferred Partner network includes a company with a uniquely useful offering – a template-driven tool that allows you to create mini-scenarios (1-3 minutes), which can be e-mailed. These quick hit reinforcement and application exercises are perfect for follow-up to training, and the back-end analytics allow you to see where the gaps and successes are. These simple and compelling mini-bytes can be deployed at any time (pre-event also)!

If this type of offering is what you’re looking for, contact Steve Woodruff at Impactiviti. We’ll introduce you to an optimal vendor/partner with a proven track record of success.

(And, if you’re in need of a robust and engaging on-line testing and assessment service, we know where you need to turn for that also!)


Impactiviti is a consultancy focused on helping companies identify optimal partners for training/marketing needs. This vendor/client “matchmaking” service is provided free of charge to client companies (preferred partners pay a referral fee when a new business relationship is established).

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