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Whistleblowers – maybe a big payoff, and maybe a lot worse. The Life and Times of Whistleblowers.

WebMD and content that looks a lot like it was written by a pharma company. Not the first time.

Alzheimer’s – are plaques really the problem? Or have scientists been chasing the wrong quarry?

Do med students need help managing the influence of drug reps?


Oncology Training. A specialty field force like Oncology needs specialized training – both therapeutic/product and selling skills. Contact us (stevew at impactiviti dot com, or phone at 973-947-7429) for recommendations on the best vendors for your needs.


Pharma on Twitter? Sure – Wendy Blackburn has a roundup on that. Links to help you find the best pharma resources.


If birds could talk: Don’t. Mess. With. Me.


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FDA warning letters to Lilly, Bayer, Amylin, Cephalon.

Wow: ARBs for hypertension reducing Alzheimer’s symptoms? – Drugs commonly used to lower blood pressure, sold by AstraZeneca Plc, Sanofi-Aventis SA and Merck & Co., may also reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from Boston University analyzed the medical records of more than 800,000 U.S. veterans and found those taking angiotensin receptor blockers were up to 24 percent less likely to develop dementia than patients on other medications. Patients already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease were half as likely to be admitted to a nursing home and had a 17 percent reduced risk of dying if they were taking the medicationsmore

FTC wants to put a stop to the “pay-to-delay” deals – Jon Leibowitz will hold a press conference today to ask Congress to include a provision in the health care reform bill to end deals in which brand-name drugmakers offer payments or other inducments to generic rivals to delay copycat versions of best-selling medsmore


Product/Therapeutic training development (pharma/biotech/devices). Live training, modules, eLearning – we’ve got the expertise and customer-centric approach in our vendor/partner network. Contact us (stevew at impactiviti dot com, or phone at 973-947-7429) for recommendations.


Social Media, Opportunity, and Serendipity – my guest post on the Hive Awards blog.


Visual awesomeness. Photo of Martian dune field. Quite spectacular!


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Avastin + Tarceva = better results in lung cancerGenentech said the trial was stopped early after an interim analysis found that combining Avastin, known generically as bevacizumab, and Tarceva, or erlotinib, significantly extended the time patients with non-small cell lung cancer lived without their disease advancing.

Amylin‘s leadership under fire from Carl Icahn and others – “While we have not lost faith in the potential of Amylin’s products and pipeline, we have lost confidence in Amylin’s leadership to take this rich product portfolio and execute an operational strategy that is in the best interest of the shareholders…”

Does insulin help protect brains from the development of Alzheimer’s? – Insulin appears to shield the brain from toxic proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease, U.S. researchers said on Monday, supporting a theory that Alzheimer’s may be a third form of diabetes.

PLUS – the usual rumor mill: blah, blah, blah…Sanofi-Aventis…blah, blah, blah…Bristol Myers-Squibb. You know the drill. And, business advice from the NY Times for navigating through a downturn.


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Ahhh, red wine. You just knew it was medicinal, right? Here’s further proof!

Could this be a game-changer? I love studies like this! Alzheimer’s symptoms reduced within minutes…you’ll never guess how.

Another health system bans drug rep trinkets. I like tchotchkes, however, so if you have extras, please forward them along.

Celgene revs it up. Bad pun, I know.

We’ve got a me-too! And that warrants a press release! (Pegintron / Pegasys)

More evidence of a virus causing cancer.

The ads ought to be interesting, but hopefully they don’t have one lined up for the Super Bowl (“When we get ready for the Big Game, I wish we could have one-a-day pills instead of twice-a-day practices. Now you can etc…”). Once-a-day Cialis approved.

Big Pharma taking a beating in the public eye – so, is the industry a boxer, or a little traveler surrounded by wolves? John Mack faces off – well, at least on graphics – with Pharmaceutical Executive.

Breaking news: J&J gets clearance for new HIV drug.

Breaking news: Novartis gets clearance for Tekturna HCT (Tekturna plus diuretic for HBP)

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Some interesting oncology results:

Millennium‘s Velcade used in combo therapy for multiple myeloma shows impressive results.

Cephalon‘s Treanda shows impressive remission numbers for CLL, and effectiveness in non-Hodgins lymphoma (NHL).

Celgene‘s Revlimid continues to produce good results at a low-dose regimen.

Novartis‘ Gleevec: effective at halting leukemia progression up to 6 years.

Eisai decides to grab MGI Pharma, and its stable of oncology drugs.

Biogen-Idec‘s Zevalin, a radioimmunotherapy agent, halted NHL progression in 76% of patients (single treatment!).

AZ’s Arimidex shown superior to tamoxifen for breast cancer, even 4 years after treatment.

GSK‘s Tykerb helps fight brain tumors in combo with Xeloda.

And, on the bleeding edge:

Prasugrel (new blood thinning treatment from Daiichi-Sankyo and Lilly) continues to show promise – and some mixed results in certain populations.

Glaxo‘s experimental platelet booster shows efficacy in long-term treatment (Glaxo also announced new deals with 2 biotechs). However, GSK is now hit with a delay on its Cervarix vaccine.

Bayer and J&J’s experimental blood thinner takes on market-leader Lovenox in blood clot prevention study.

WSJ has summary article on the blood thinner race to market.

And, in other news:

Novartis the latest to announce major job cuts.

Merck still developing obesity and cholesterol drugs.

FDA approves new blood pressure drug from Mylan/Forest.

Lilly CEO to retire.

Changing endpoints…a clinical study no-no. WSJ has the story, on a long-delayed Vytorin study.

Is Alzheimer’s a form of diabetes? Very intriguing line of research…

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