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Delay on inhaled insulin – a case of FDA “ooops”??

Roches‘s Actemra (RA treatment) approved by FDA – The Food and Drug Administration cleared the medicine, Actemra, in adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, the Swiss drugmaker said today in a statement released by its South San Francisco, California-based Genentech unit. The FDA delayed approval in 2008 after the drug was backed by the agency’s outside advisersmore

All that hubbub from the story about how well anti-depressants really work: this is a pretty telling paragraph from the NY Times – That story begins to take shape when you consider what the new study actually said: Antidepressants do work for very severely depressed people, as well as for those whose mild depression is chronic. However, the researchers found, the pills don’t work for people who aren’t really depressed — people with short-term, minor depression whose problems tend to get better on their own. For many of them, it’s often been observed, merely participating in a drug trial (with its accompanying conversation, education and emphasis on self-care) can be anti-depressant enoughmore


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A classic: The Saturday Night Live “Chicken of the Sea” skit.


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