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A few resources that might be of interest to my pharma/sales training audience:

    Very cool medical animation of blood flow (from the ever-interesting Kevin, M.D. blog)
    Upcoming free webinar (Oct. 23) on Sales Coaching for better Sales Results (featuring Linda Richardson). And, on the same day, an ASTD webcast on Learning and Social Networks (take your pick!)

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Yesterday, I tuned into eyeforpharma’s webinar on collective intelligence, an event I previously announced on this blog.

Verdict: an hour that could have been better spent. Actually, I did spend it better, as I was multi-tasking throughout the presentation. It did not hold my interest.

Here’s the main reason – this event was put together around a theme – the use of collective intelligence techniques/technologies in relation to a pharma sales force. However, it was not organized around a particular audience. Therefore, the presentations were widely disparate in application and focus.

The presentations were either too basic, too granular/technical, or irrelevant to a United States pharma company. The use of most conversational Web 2.0 technologies is pretty much a non-starter here in the U.S., where all communications to/from the sales force are potentially “discoverable” in a lawsuit, and therefore it is simply dangerous to allow open forum discussion (and no-one is going to dedicate resources to try to moderate such a thing). The presentations did not give any real help in this regard.

Also, the pacing of the webinar was not well-controlled, and one presenter’s slides could not be uploaded. A webinar like this needs far better strategic planning and direction in order to provide actionable insight to the audience.

All in all, not a top production. My advice for future webinars: make a clear identification of the desired target audience first, then build the theme to address very tangible needs. If the listener does not get the sense in the first 2 minutes that there is something really meaty about to be discussed, e-mail and YouTube are only a click away.

That’s a lesson for trainers, too, by the way…

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Upcoming webinar


eyeforpharma is putting on a brief webinar in September, about gathering collective intelligence through the sales force. I’m going to be in on this one – sounds quite interesting. September 19th, 10 AM EST. Click the link for info and registration.

Here’s what they say:

– Discover what what other sales forces are doing about break-through Web 2.0 techniques for best practice intelligence, feedback and sales strategy.

– Unbeatable line-up : eyeforpharma has a long history of providing top quality, highly researched events with only the best independent speakers. This is no exception:

– A pharma Sales Effectiveness Manager with an important case study

– Director of Enterprise Improvement & Process Excellence, Johnson & Johnson

– Our own SFE correspondant who can reveal important developments in ‘SFE 2.0′ from a range of pharma sales forces.


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