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After Hours

Awesome view of the Eiffel Tower at sunset.

Awkward family photos. Pretty funny stuff here!

Aerial virtual tour of NYC. Very, very cool.

10 most fascinating natural phenomena (with eye-grabbing photos).

Infinite photograph. Just keep clicking and diving deeper. Wow.


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After Hours 042709

The moon, in stunning detail. Plenty awesome.

Keeping up with the space theme, some fabulous close-ups of Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft.

A great variety of pics from Earth day, biggie-size.

Awesome, “flowing” shots of slot canyons.

PLUS: Two of the favorite items ever on Amazon (here and here). You have to read the customer reviews. You’ll be rolling on the floor… (OK, make it three – here’s another)

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After Hours 040309

Here’s a nice new way to get your Starbucks!

Like the idea of mini-projectors? Then you’ll like this!

Yes, it’s 5 1/2 minutes (video). Yes, you’ll be touched. Great story.

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After Hours 022009

Endless Interestingness – an endless collage of images pulled from Flickr. Cool idea. Hat tip: Guy Kawasaki.

The Crisis of Credit visualized. What happened to our financial markets? This simple, entertaining, and informative animation explains the blow up. Well worth a few minutes of your time. Hat tip: David Armano.

The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks. Fun pictures of a “real annoyance”.

The Top 25 things you didn’t know about Facebook’s Terms of Service (will only be understood by Facebook users!)

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After Hours 012309

Searching for on-line images by color. Endless fun and fascination.

One Year in 40 Seconds. One of the better time-lapse photography experiments I’ve seen.

Social Networking Dos and Don’ts. Helpful tips for those who communicate on-line.

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After Hours

Happy skies, part 1, part 2.

Really bad timing.

Templar University.

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After Hours

Two words: Stephen Colbert. Absolutely hysterical, on new drug treatments.

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After Hours

Wow. Best image of a solar eclipse ever.

This picture cannot be explained. Really.

Lawyers run amuk on a pharma pill disclaimer.

The eyes have it. Scroll left-to-right. Amazing.

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After Hours

If only all disputes were settled this way!

Would you donate if you got this letter?

Normal pets, OK. This bird – no!

This will be the funniest 5 minutes you spend today. The “Me Monster”!

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After Hours 10_20

The most bizarre “We’re Open for Business” sign ever.

Ever wondered what the sun looked like – up close and personal? Wonder no more!

If your Sales Training dept. ran your Church – very funny!

Combine fall leaves with a slow shutter speed and a camera twist. Result: this! (from my iPhone).

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